Zions Bancorporation Return
Designing Role-Based Blended Training for CapitalStream Lending System

Project Summary

  • Industry: Banking
  • Target Audience: All commercial lending employees
  • Challenges:
    • Implementing new commercial lending platform to consolidate several peripheral systems
    • Credit LEAD (CaptialStream) system still in early development stages


  • Solutions:
    • Analysis of seven functional roles across seven bank affiliates
    • Blended training design that includes E-learning, instructor-led training, and performance support
  • Results:
    • Able to train a large dispersed audience in a small timeframe
    • Workflow and hands-on system experience will prepare learners for immediate success after training

Project Description


Zions Bancorp, a banking leader with subsidiaries and over 500 locations in ten Western states, implemented the CaptialStream commercial lending software throughout the organization. Zions Bancorp had several independent systems used for the commercial lending process; CaptialStream - rebranded as Credit LEAD - will consolidate these peripheral systems and streamline their commercial lending workflow. Moving from numerous systems to one is a large change for Zions Bancorp with impacts on both employee performance and culture.

Zions Bancorp made the decision to develop training resources in tandem with the Credit LEAD implementation. The training curriculum and design were to be completed while the Credit LEAD system was still incomplete and in an early phase of development.


Handshaw engaged with Zions Bancorp leadership and subject matter experts, and began by completing an analysis of the audience, delivery system, and tasks that learners will be required to perform. Handshaw used this information to design a blended curriculum that includes overview E-learning courses, role-specific and line of business-specific courses, an instructor-led training piece, job aids, and a performance support tool.

Design Considerations

Because the system was in the early stages of development, Handshaw completed the analysis based on detailed design documents, interviews with subject matter experts, and previous experience with the system. Handshaw also built off of previous experience with the successful implementation of another CaptialStream commercial lending training rollout at First Tennessee Bank.

Handshaw developed an audience analysis, task analysis, delivery systems analysis, and performance objectives, and then designed an entire curriculum based on this work. Handshaw has also began working with Zions Bancorp to identify all resources and requirements for the rollout of the training program to seven affiliate banks.

Development and Implementation

Handshaw's curriculum design consists of overview E-learning required for all Credit LEAD users. This is followed with additional E-learning courses based on seven specific commercial lending roles. Additional E-learning further specifies training for lines of business or tasks outside of the new loan workflow. E-learning primarily consists of Credit LEAD software simulations that model authentic work environments built using Adobe Captivate®.

Instructor-led training follows the E-learning, where users have the opportunity to practice end-to-end loan scenarios with their team under the guidance of an instructor and a subject matter expert. Additional performance support is provided for less critical tasks.


The Credit LEAD curriculum that Handshaw designed will allow Zions Bancorp to train a large number of system users in a short rollout timeframe. The design accommodates a broad audience across multiple affiliates and functional roles. The design will provide learners with the workflow concepts they need to know along with hands-on practice both in a simulated E-learning environment and in a classroom setting under the guidance of an instructor and a subject matter expert.

Zions Bancrop leadership feels this approach will effectively train their workforce throughout the region to use the system proficiently right out of training, and will help to minimize the time employees spend away from work to take the training, saving costs. Handshaw and Zions are refining and delivering this training through 2016.