Fujitsu Network Communications Return
E-Learning Solution Prepares Employees for 21st Century Security Risks

Project Summary

  • Industry: Technology and Communications
  • Target Audience: 180,000+ Fujitsu employees across all lines of business worldwide
  • Challenges:
    • Inconsistent training provided across company divisions
    • Diversity of company policies, regional laws, and employee backgrounds in global audience
    • LMS implementation in parallel to course development


  • Solutions:
    • Scenario-based E-learning modules directly connected to business goals
    • Training that focuses on learner's ability to identify and react to security threats in the workplace
    • Dynamic delivery and reporting design that accounts for changes in delivery methods
  • Results:
    • Noticeable impact on employee behavior in regards to handling information
    • Translated to several languages for delivery to global workforce

Project Description


Fujitsu Network Communications (FNC), a North American division of Fujitsu, is responsible for handling sensitive client and company data across the organization. During the past several years, numerous multinational companies have experienced devastating security breaches; FNC took a proactive approach through a company-wide information and data security training endeavor.

Similar courses already exist in divisions in other parts of the world, but each was focused on that division's geographic location and contained dated content. Leadership in North America sought a unique training solution that was highly engaging and made use of current research to best prepare employees.

FNC was also in the process of adopting a new Learning Management System (LMS), which meant delivery requirements were not known early enough to be built into the project.


Handshaw worked closely with stakeholders and security experts to design a curriculum that went beyond information dissemination to help employees recognize and react to security risks encountered in their jobs.

Design Considerations

FNC partnered with Handshaw to create highly interactive E-learning with a scenario-based approach that presents real-life case studies and consequences suffered by other organizations. Learners are then put in various situations to practice identifying and responding to threats in a meaningful way that promotes improved job performance.

FNC's goals of mitigating loss through security breaches and preparing employees to deal with such situations are directly linked to the design of each simulation, with Human Resources able to monitor each employee's progress and performance.

Development and Implementation

The E-learning modules were built using the Adobe family of products to create a sleek, modern appearance that engages learners and promotes retention and completion of the training.

The final modules were developed to permit a wide variety of tracking and delivery methods in anticipation of final implementation in the to-be-determined LMS.

Once FNC had a system in place, Handshaw consultants remained engaged throughout the deployment process. Handshaw worked closely with the FNC stakeholders, LMS team, representatives from the LMS vendor, and Adobe product experts to ensure each module worked correctly and provided a high-quality experience for learners. Continued engagement led to a successful implementation for Fujitsu.


The responses to the E-learning modules have been overwhelmingly positive, with supportive feedback coming from Fujitsu leadership in both North America and Japan. Stakeholders feel confident this will prepare their workforce for the security challenges impacting global businesses today.

All modules within the information security curriculum have been slated for translation into several additional languages for deployment to all Fujitsu employees worldwide.