Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting is not an event or a program. It is a process that begins when a potential need is identified within an organization and concludes when the need has been addressed. Performance Consulting requires a mental model through which information is obtained, interpreted, and communicated. Strategic partnerships with your internal clients using a collaborative and consultative approach are required tenets of Performance Consulting. We can help you grow and deepen those partnerships.

The methods and approach Handshaw takes to Performance Consulting are contained within the third edition of the book Performance Consulting.


Our Guide to Performance Consulting

Performance Consulting: Third Edition

Dana and Jim Robinson, authors of Performance Consulting, have been influencing business practices as performance consulting thought leaders for over 35 years. They are joined by Jack and Patti Phillips and Dick Handshaw for the third edition, updated to add a focus on measuring results. The process described in this book provides the framework through which we focus on organizational results, select and create solutions that really make a difference, and form strategic partnerships.

Since 2015, Handshaw has partnered with Dana Robinson to form and implement our Performance Consulting service line. The shared business goal was to build Handshaw’s capability to market, deliver, and advance the Performance Consulting methodology Dana and Jim Robinson developed. As of March 2019, Dana is retiring and we are pleased to continue this work and carry forward the Performance Consulting services at Handshaw. We would like to thank Dana very much for the guidance and expertise she has provided. As senior consultant, Chris Adams has worked closely with Dana and our clients throughout the entire process. Chris will be the primary point of contact for these services going forward and can be reached at

As an internal consultant, my biggest challenge is in gathering information that help to identify strategic opportunities. The Handshaw Performance Consulting Process introduced me to a number of invaluable skills for accelerating the discovery process with clients. In particular, the should/is/cause framework helps to formulate powerful questions, which help uncover performance gaps. The taxonomy of the root cause categories for business problems is a great way to analyze situations and articulating desired performance outcomes. In all the Handshaw process should be foundational practice for all performance consultants.

Bob Winter
Senior Principal Consultant
Author of Agile Performance Improvement