Back to My Future...and Loving It! by Dana Robinson Return

For many of you, you may likely know that for almost 30 years my husband, Jim Robinson, and I owned and managed the consulting firm Partners in Change based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our focus was to enhance capabilities of talent professionals in the areas of performance consulting and strategic partnering. In 2011 we closed our firm and moved – literally – to what we envisioned as our next phase in life.

We moved from Pittsburgh, PA to Raleigh, North Carolina, and from owning a consulting firm to a life focused more on volunteering and travel.

And then...Jack and Patti Phillips, together with Dick Handshaw, suggested that we collaborate on a third edition of Performance Consulting. This time the book would include significant content regarding how to measure impact from performance consulting initiatives. That edition was released in 2015.

It was while working on that book I came to realize I missed the consulting work I had done for years. And, concurrently, Dick Handshaw, and his team at Handshaw, Inc., realized the synergy between the services they currently offer in instructional design and services that could be added in the performance consulting area. And so we have joined forces to create a performance consulting service line within the Handshaw firm, officially launching in January of 2016. An added bonus is I am partnering with people who bring creative ideas and fresh perspectives to content Jim and I developed and researched over several decades.

I guess you could say that a funny thing happened on my way to retirement. I made a U-turn and have returned to work I love. Drop me a note at or connect with me on LinkedIn – I would love to hear from you!

About the Author

Dana Robinson is a recognized thought leader in the areas of performance consulting and human performance improvement. For almost 30 years as president and founder of Partners-in-Change, she assisted HR, learning, and organizational development departments transition from a tactical focus to one that is performance oriented and strategic. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Dana continues to consult with organizations through her work with Handshaw.